Columbia Riverkeeper files complaint against US Army Corps of Engineers

Summary: The US Army Corps of Engineers has received notice the Columbia Riverkeeper organization has filed a complaint with the US District Court for Eastern Washington over concerns it has with the operations of USACE dams on the lower Columbia River.

The following is this agency’s statement on the complaint.

“We just became aware of the lawsuit and will coordinate with the Department of Justice to determine the appropriate next steps.  The US Army Corps of Engineers applied for the permits at issue in this complaint in 2015, and we take our Clean Water Act obligations seriously.  Our team is working tirelessly to find solutions that balance all of the purposes of the system, including the needs of fish and wildlife, flood risk management, navigation, power generation, recreation, water supply, and water quality. To dispel misinformation, USACE notes that Columbia Riverkeeper’s press release does not accurately describe our ability to manage water behind the dams in the lower Columbia River. Although the pools behind the Lower Columbia River dams are considered reservoirs, they are largely not storage reservoirs, but rather run-of-river facilities. This limits our ability to impact water temperatures by drawing down water levels in the spring.”