What are the most — and least — sinful cities in America?

It’s that time of year, during which people take stock of their lives — and maybe start considering those New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps with that in mind, there’s a new ranking of the Most Sinful Cities in America.

The financial gurus as Wallethub have crunched the numbers on the seven deadly sins — looking at rates of everything from excessive eating and drinking and crime, to adultery and credit card debt — to find which cities are most up to the devil’s business, and which are doing all right with the Man Upstairs.

Not surprisingly, Las Vegas, Nevada topped the list, once again earning its “Sin City” nickname. 

That’s not to say Vegas has, say, the highest rate of violent crime — that dishonor was a five-way tie between Memphis, Tennessee; Detroit, Michigan; Baltimore, Maryland; and Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. But add in the number of adult establishments, gambling, and instances of stepping out on a spouse, and it’s easy too understand why Vegas takes the cake.

At the bottom of the sinful list? Downright angelic Freemont, California.

Here’s Wallethub’s Top Ten Most — and Least — Sinful Cities:

Most Sinful Cities
1. Las Vegas, NV
2. St. Louis, MO
3. Houston, TX
4. Los Angeles, CA
5. Denver, CO
6. Philadelphia, PA
7. Atlanta, GA
8. Miami, FL
9. Chicago, IL
10. Memphis, TN

Least Sinful Cities
173. Irvine, CA
174. Yonkers, NY
175. West Valley City, UT
176. South Burlington, VT
177. Bridgeport, CT
178. Pearl City, HI
179. Cape Coral, FL
180. Columbia, MD
181. Fremont, CA