Opossum porch pirate pilfers package

No one likes it when they receive a notification that their package has been delivered, only to open the door to find someone already helped themselves to it.  Well, an unlikely porch pirate plucked one Connecticut woman’s package off her property, and she’s both frustrated and impressed by the feat.

WVIT reports that Besty [sic] Lockhart of Fairfield, CT, ordered some pricey earrings and was so excited when she received confirmation that they arrived.  “I was so looking forward to them… these nice chunky hoops,” she said, but they were nowhere to be found when she went to grab her package.

Lockhart turned to her trusty doorbell camera to see who the culprit was — and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“We just saw this little pirate ‘possum just coming in and grabbing it and he moved over to the side chomping on it,” she exclaimed.  “And my husband went out with a flashlight to look through the yard. No sign of it, so wherever he lives he took it.”

Lockhart’s now named the porch pilfering opossum Jack Sparrow and hopes he finds it in his heart to return her jewelry.  Lockhart also notes that she’s a little relieved Jack didn’t steal her other package, and joked, “I’m glad it wasn’t my Yankee swap gift that I bought for this weekend because I’d be embarrassed to say what that was. I’m sure the ‘possum would be embarrassed to open it.”