So who sneaks the most food to the dog during the holidays? Look in the mirror

Like the rest of us, chances are your dog also eats too much during the holidays. But which family member sneaks the most food to the family dog dog under the holiday table? 

A new survey of 2,002 dog owners that was sponsored by ORIJEN High Protein Dog Biscuits reveals moms are among the biggest culprits. However, while that’s the headline, the data shows that the same 29% of those who say their moms are to blame also say they’re the ones feeding Fido under the table. Same goes for their spouse.

Ironically, 70% of respondents say they have to “set boundaries” with their guests about feeding their dog table scraps. 

Also, while 78% of respondents say they normally monitor what their dog eats, 64% admit that goes out the window during the holidays.

Hm, that sounds familiar.

As for what their dog should eat when it comes to table scraps, 53% correctly say white meat turkey is OK; just 6% believe chocolate fudge is safe. Hint: it’s not. 

That said, 17% of respondents didn’t know pecan pie also is dangerous for dogs, and 25% didn’t know pumpkin pie contains ingredients that can hurt their tummies — specifically, cream and sugar.

Other revelations from the poll won’t be a surprise to dog owners: 80% say they make their dogs a special meal of their own during the holidays, and 50% say it includes steak.