Two in three Americans say they have a family member who drinks too much Christmas cheer at holiday parties

new survey says three in five Americans “dread” going to family parties during the holidays, and it’s no wonder, considering that two in three say they have a relative that always takes things too far with the open bar. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans of legal drinking age that was sponsored by Ritual Zero Proof reads like a list of what not to do during the holidays. 

Fifty-eight percent of those polled said their entire family drinks entirely too much during the holiday season, with 63% of respondents able to point the finger at a particular relative who spices things up too much, thanks to the spiced wine.

In fact, there’s a reason “Drunk Uncle” was a recurring character on Saturday Night Live — a third of those polled say their father or mother’s brother is usually the one to blame for such party fouls.

The survey also showed 54% of respondents say someone’s going to have to apologize the morning after a family holiday party. Thirty-one percent blame mom, and 30% their dads, for bringing up uncomfortable topics at the dinner table. 

Maybe no surprise, then, that 48% admitted to drinking too much themselves during holiday gatherings.

If your office is having a holiday party this year, you’re also not safe. Two-thirds of those polled say they have a co-worker who goes full Drunk Uncle at those events. Three-quarters of people say all that liquid courage shows their co-workers who they really are — and 46% say they attend just to find that out.

That said, 62% say they’ve dreaded going back to work after an office party because of post-party embarrassment, and 64% say they couldn’t look at their co-workers the same way after the office holiday party.