Attention: Missing giant gummy bear mascot

A giant gummy bear was stolen from a children’s store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now the owners are pleading with the public for its safe return. 

Taking to Facebook, the children’s store Giggles shared photos of the beloved life-sized blue bear and wrote, “MISSING our giant gummy bear mascot, willow, was unfortunately stolen from Giggles recently.”

“While I want to believe it was a prank gone wrong & he’d be returned overnight one day… he has not been & I hope this gives the person a chance to return him without question first,” the post continued. “Willow has been an icon of Giggles since day one & to be of value & stolen from our bustling willow grove shopping area is disheartening after many years of memories. if you have information & want to help get him back to us, no questions asked, please let me know!”