Survey shows American are in a giving mood this holiday season

In connection with today’s “Giving Tuesday” initiative, a new survey shows that Americans want to share the love this holiday season. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans that was commissioned by Vitamin Angels reveals that 70% of the respondents say this is the best time of year to give back.

Furthermore, in light of the pandemic, Americans say they’re doing an average of eight good deeds a month — or 94 in a year. 

Sixty-five percent of respondents will donate more in year’s past; 62% said they’ll shell out $100 more by the end of the year.

That said, while half of Americans want to find more ways to give back to their community, 52% struggle on how to do it.

When it comes to giving money, nearly 70% want to give back to charities that operate locally, and 60% want to use their money to boost charities that help children.

On average, the poll revealed, people donate $400 to charity every year; 72% give to at least three different charities.