Popeye’s comes to London, bringing crowds and confusion, thanks to its biscuits

A Popeyes Chicken eatery has landed in the U.K., and like many émigrés to a new land sometimes find, some things get lost in translation. 

While the opening at Westfield Stratford City shopping mall in East London drew hundreds of people, there was some confusion over its biscuits, according to The New York Times

First off, what we call cookies, Brits call biscuits. Not to mention, Popeyes fluffy Southern style, buttermilk biscuits look like a totally different treat from across The Pond.

“It looks like a scone,” Victoria Ubochi said after trying the biscuit, “but it doesn’t taste like one.”

Tom Crowley, the chief executive of Popeyes U.K., admitted that was a bit of, as they’d say in old London town, a cock-up. “I guess if we ran with the research, we probably wouldn’t have done it, if I’m honest,” he admitted.

That said, Crowley told the paper he’s convinced Popeyes has found a good home. “The U.K., in our view, actually appreciates that great fried chicken is going to come out of Southern U.S.”

The chain is planning 10-15 additional stores in that new market.