Couple claims airline flew them to the wrong country and left them stranded

A couple who booked a Ryanair flight to Spain were stunned to depart the plane and find themselves in Greece!

Humaira and Farooq Shaikh‘s son booked them a trip to Seville on the low-cost Irish-based airline. After checking in at Stansted Airport, they then boarded what they thought was their flight without any problems with their boarding passes.

It was only after hailing a taxi that they realized they had flown 1,200 miles in the wrong direction and wound up on the Greek island of Zante.

The couple told The Mirror  they tried to straighten out the mess with Ryanair staff, but were “laughed” at instead. The airline only offered one night at a hotel in compensation, despite the next flight home not taking off for another four days.

Their son, Suleman, said he was left “extremely distressed” after hearing his mom “crying on the phone from Greece.”

A Ryanair spokesperson maintained, “It is each customer’s responsibility to ensure they board the correct aircraft,” but added, “We are working with our handling agents…to ensure that this error doesn’t reoccur.”