Tyrannosaurus text: Nearly $9,000 iPhone decorated with real T-Rex tooth

Sure, your fancy new iPhone might have a flashy case, but does it boast a T-Rex tooth? 

If only you bought the Tyrannophone from luxe iPhone designer Caviar. The celly is a fully-functioning iPhone 13, engraved on its back with the head of the T-Rex, featuring a menacing yellow eye made of amber, and with one of its teeth containing an actual fossilized fragment of a T-Rex tooth. 

Ninety-six million years ago, the formidable and powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex “reigned supreme over the entire planet,” the designer says. “Caviar designers give you the opportunity to ‘tame’ this ancient monster and make it a symbol of your strength, power, and dominance in the world.”

Not bad for $8,600, eh?

Incidentally, it’s not the most expensive phone in the company’s Tera Concept Collection. That honor goes to the Teradiamond, which has a hardened aviation titanium case decorated with 1,028 diamonds and 128 rubies. 

That one will set you back $49,240. Man, would you be bummed if you left it a cab.