Survey shows Americans targeted by nearly 30 would-be scams a month

If it seems like your cellphone has been ringing non-stop with robocalls and other scams, you’re not alone. A new survey shows Americans are targeted by scams nearly 30 times a month. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans that was sponsored by the company Scam Spotter shows that the average person gets hit with 10 scammy emails, nine phone calls, and eight “fishy” texts every month.

The survey also notes that 46% of those polled have lost money due to a scam, and the average respondent has fallen for some swindle or other five times in their lifetime, losing an average of more than $500 in the process. 

Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t have the time to think through the scam before falling for it. 

That said, people have a decent nose for shady stuff, thanks to how obvious some of the scams are. For example, 34% have been told by a robocall that there was a warrant for their arrest in a state they’ve never visited; 30% have been told to bail out a relative in prison; and 26% were asked to pay “outstanding taxes” by using retail gift cards. 

One in five people said they’d laughed off a scammer “poorly” impersonating a friend or relative.

Further, 73% of those would-be targets say they’ve tried to turn the tables on their scammers, with 37% saying they’ve pretended to fall for whatever grift, playing stupid about how to fork over the money until the scammer gives up in frustration.

The poll also notes that after getting the fishy folks off their back, respondents are quick to warn their friends and relatives, particularly their elderly ones, so they don’t fall for it.