Treat Yo Self! New survey shows nearly 75% of Americans plan to buy themselves presents this holiday season

new survey shows that while the holiday season might be the time when we shower those we love with gifts, nearly 75% of Americans are putting themselves first. 

Nearly three in four intend to buy themselves a present this gift-giving season; with nine in 10 admitting that they’ll buy themselves gifts even if others are generous to them. 

Sixty-four percent of the 2,000 people who responded to the Angara-commissioned, non-scientific survey say they’d rather buy stuff for themselves because they know what they really want.

Fifty-nine percent know they’ll give themselves better-quality presents than others would give them. 

Related to that, 51% admit they’re picky when it comes to getting presents. Ya think?!

Twenty-six percent of the respondents say they’re not above telling people what to get them, though 31% would rather be surprised. 

What’s also interesting about the survey, however, is that a quarter of those who responded say they belong on the naughty list this year. 

Maybe that’s why they’re buying their own gifts: Sure beats coal in your stocking. 

That said, 81% admit they buy themselves presents throughout the year.