Hide your kids, hide your wife… no, hide your tree?!

Nothing is safe anymore, not even the trees in your font yard, apparently, because a Virginia couple is currently on the hunt for a tree thief. 

On Wednesday, it took less than 60-seconds for the culprit to take a shovel to the ground and take off with the the pair’s palm tree.

Zach Teslovich shared that the palm was more than just a tree for the couple which is why they want the thief caught. He married his wife, Morgan, on Earth Day, and so they wanted to begin planting a new tree every year on their anniversary. 

“We’re trying to start a new tradition for our family and they took it away from us,” he said. 

Teslovich isn’t going to let this ruin things, though. He and Morgan plan on planting a new tree next year on their anniversary but this time in a less conspicuous spot.