Drunk man can’t remember which party threw him out, so he attacks random house

(NOTE LANGUAGE) A 29-year-old man, who was thrown out of a house party for getting absolutely trashed, decided that the best course of action was revenge.  One problem… the house he exacted revenge on was the wrong residence.

British publication Daily Record reports that Owen Strannigan, a soon-to-be father of four, was given the good ol’ heave-ho from his drinking buddies after sucking down way too much alcohol.  It appears that, after wandering the street while wallowing in anger while smashing yet another drink, he decided to give his buddies a piece of his mind.

Police say Strannigan was too drunk to remember where the actual party was at, so he sidled up to a different house and attacked it — throwing his glass bottle against the door and demanded to be let inside.

This happened around 5:15 on a Saturday morning.

According to police, “The two witnesses were asleep within their home with their ten-year-old daughter. They were awoken by a rattling sound coming from the letterbox. One of the witnesses went to see who was at the door and she looked through the peep hole and seen the accused.”

When the victim refused to let their unwanted guest inside, “Strannigan shouted: ‘You’re a grassing b******, I’m going to kill you, get out.”

Police arrived within five minutes and fanned out in search of Strannigan — finding him under a hedge in a poor attempt to hide.

He has been charged with 200 hours of community service and has 12 months to satisfy his punishment — apparently to avoid jail time because, according to his attorney, he got blitzed to numb the pain of losing his father to a heart attack the day prior.