Church forced to cleanse altar with holy water after randy couple films themselves on it

(NOTE NATURE, CONTENT) What ever happened to the good ol’ days when couples taped their sex videos at home? This one Belgian couple took one look at a church and thought, “Yeah, let’s film ourselves porking on the altar.”

British publication The Sun reports that the couple invaded a church in the city of Bree — which is located in north-eastern Belgium — and got down and dirty on the consecrated ground.  

The craziest twist of the story is, perhaps, the couple could have gotten away with it had they not filmed their erotic exchange and shared it online.  Once that happened, their little escapade went viral and the church learned that someone’s naughty bits brushed against the place they bless the blood and body of Christ.

The couple has yet to be identified, but you know it’s only a matter of time before someone calls in tip.  Once they are located, they’ll be charged with distributing pornography as well as pornography in a public place.  It is unknown if they’ll face additional charges.

In the meantime, the church says they have vigorously cleaned their grounds and even scrubbed the altar with holy water to wash away the stink of carnal sin.