The Dalles Police warns of Scams

The Dalles Police Department is constantly monitoring scam activities that target vulnerable parts of our population. Various scams come and go constantly no matter how hard we try to stay on top of them. We feel education is our best approach to make sure our citizens do not fall victim to these scams.

A scam that has re-surfaced has been targeting citizens that are supportive of the police department and other law enforcement organizations and causes. These solicitations are worded in a way that makes the reader think The Dalles Police Department and/or other police organizations are somehow a part of the solicitation and receiving benefits. Although some may be legitimate, most of these solicitations are not and The Dalles Police Department is not benefiting in any way.

The Dalles Police Department will not solicit for money by way of a mailers, newspaper articles, emails or phone calls for benefit of the department. Over the years, we have participated in various fundraising activities for causes outside of our department but they can easily and always be verified by any member of our department. The Dalles Police Department strongly encourages any citizen that is solicitated in this or any other manner, to first reach out to the police department for advice.

We do support various law enforcement organizations such as Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS), Oregon Police Officers Association (OPOA) and The International Association of Chief’s of Police and the great work these organizations do to make our profession better for the citizens we serve.

If you have friends, neighbors, or relatives that may not be able to receive this notice electronically, please make them aware of our concerns.