Shovel white, then green: Massachusetts towns offering hundreds of bucks an hour for snow plow drivers

If you want to make a killing this winter — and you can drive a snow plow — you might want to think about heading to Massachusetts.

A labor shortage that has cut down on the number of truck and bus drivers is also going to take a bite out of the army of folks who usually keep the roads clear of snow in the Bay State, and to that end, many Massachusetts cities are ready to shovel some serious green at those who can move all that white. 

In fact, the local CBS affiliate WBZ-TV says Watertown is offering up to $200 an hour for commercial drivers with their own plows; Lowell, and Worcester aren’t slouching either, with rates of $155 per hour; officials in Sandwich and Chelmsford say they’re willing to pay $135 an hour for plow drivers with their own vehicles. 

That will make for some serious dough come gift giving time — provided you can find gifts on the shelves to give.