First there was road rage, now boat rage is apparently a thing

An Alabama man was arrested in Pensacola, Florida after being accused of slamming his boat into another in what appears to be a case of boat rage, according to WRKG.

The people on board the boat that was hit said they were passing by when the wave from their boat caused 52-year-old Kenneth Gordon’s boat to rock, angering the people on Gordon’s boat.

Gordon’s boat reportedly caught up a short time later and collided with the boat, causing two passengers on Gordon’s boat to be ejected into the water.

A witness said Gordon picked up the two people who were ejected from his boat and left the area. She said she believed the operator of the first boat, Gordon, was intoxicated.

Witnesses also reported seeing Gordon yelling and claimed he intentionally crashed his boat into the other.

Gordon had four broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Other passengers on Gordon’s boat reported back pain and bruising.

Passengers on the boat he hit reported back pain and knee injuries.

Gordon was charged with reckless operation of a vessel, failure to report an accident, aggravated battery and criminal mischief. He was released on $5,500 bail.