Wanna sleep better? Get naked, says new survey

How do you sleep at night? Well, if you’re naked, pretty well, as it turns out. 

At least that’s according to a new survey that shows more than half of those who sleep in the buff reported having high-quality sleep. Just 27% of their clothed counterparts could say the same.

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 people, commissioned by Intellibed for November’s National Sleep Comfort Month, also dug into what keeps us up at night and why. 

The poll noted that if you’re tossing and turning by 2:48 a.m., you can kiss a “good night’s sleep” goodbye. 

Respondents noted it takes them around 26 minutes to actually fall asleep when they go to bed, with the average respondent clocking just six hours and 23 minutes of slumber on a typical night.  It’s recommended that adults get at least eight hours a night, but that’s but a dream for most people.

The most common reason for not shutting down for the night were “personal” worries:, which 45% blamed for keeping them awake. Thirty-five percent said they were too hot, and 32% said insomnia kept them up. Thirty-two percent said they didn’t feel tired enough to sleep, while 30% say worrying about work kept them awake. 

Of the 56% polled who said they share a bed with a partner, 23% said they don’t like the same kind of mattress, and 31% of those say that compromise costs them sleep. 

Bottom line: the average respondent said a night of bad sleep negatively impacts their “day life,” whether it be work life or their personal one, two days a week.