Got chicken? Bear breaks into home and eats KFC on kitchen counter

KFC really must be finger lickin’ good because a wild bear just couldn’t keep away. 

John Holden of Sierra Madre, California was in for quite the surprise when he returned home to find the wild intruder downing a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken that he had left on the kitchen counter. 

Holden told KABC that this isn’t the first time he’s encountered a bear around his home, but it is the first time one made it inside. He thinks the smell of KFC is what lured the bear.

“I’ve had a lot of other encounters with them. I’ve actually had them bump into me a couple times in the backyard, but definitely never in the house like that. That was something else and they sure made a mess of the place,” he explained. 

Holden was able to get rid of the bears by making loud noises.