Florida man caught with live grenade, clown mannequin inside truck

Driving with expired license plates is never a good idea, especially when you’re hauling a live hand grenade, a clown mannequin, marijuana and cocaine.

That’s what Florida deputies found when they pulled 65-year-old Louis Branson over for expired tags on his Dodge pickup.

Branson told deputies he found the grenade three or four years ago while cleaning out a veteran’s home and decided to keep it, a video released Monday by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office shows.

An explosive disposal team conducted an X-ray of the device, which was believed to be active based on its internal mechanisms. It was later safely detonated at a nearby facility, another clip shows.

Along with the grenade, deputies found the life-size clown mannequin — as well as amounts of cocaine, marijuana and two pipes with suspected drug residue.

Branson was charged with driving with an expired license, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of firearm, weapon or ammo by a convicted felon and drug counts.