Survey shows that Halloween haul your kids got isn’t going to last a week

From reports “on the ground” from tiny ghosts and goblins, it appears homes participating in trick-or-treating this year made up for last year’s pandemic Halloween — but that candy haul isn’t about to stay. 

Not counting parents raiding the candy bags, a new survey shows 81% of kids tear through all of their sweet stash within the first week after Halloween. 

In fact, one in four kids will be out of candy by tomorrow, November 2. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 parents that was sponsored by candy company HI-CHEW also notes that it wasn’t for lack of effort: two in five kids copped to swapping costumes to hitting that generous house more than once, and 2 in five parents said they specifically drove out of their way to raid friends’ and family members’ neighborhoods to score the most sweets.