Here’s where not to live during a zombie apocalypse

Ever wonder where the best — or worst — places to be during a zombie apocalypse are? Well, wonder no more. 

RantCasino has done an analysis of almost 300,000 gravesites across the U.S. to determine where you should and shouldn’t be in the event zombies take over, according to The New York Post

Sorry, New Yorkers but the Big Apple ranked as “the worst” place to be given that there are almost 13 million bodies buried in the state. That means almost 13 million zombies potentially coming back to eat your brains. 

It appears New York’s neighbor don’t provide much refuge either with Pennsylvania coming in second, Massachusetts in 10th, New Jersey in 12th and Connecticut in 29th for the worst places to live. 

So, where should you go?

Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, and Wyoming ranked in the top five for safest place to avoid the undead, with Alaska coming in first.