Jamie Herrera Beutler returns $1 million dollars to Southwest Washington residents

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler announced today that she has helped Southwest Washington save or return $1,001,109.38 from the federal government through casework services since January 2021.

Herrera Beutler and her office have worked on behalf of 982 Southwest Washington residents so far this year. The million dollars returned to residents is made up of money they’ve earned, or benefits owed to them by the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Veteran Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and other federal agencies.

“Standing up for Southwest Washington residents and helping them cut through overly-confusing red tape is one of the most important parts of my job,” Jaime said. “Whether that’s making sure a local veteran receives the benefits they’ve earned or ensuring a senior isn’t shortchanged by Social Security – I’m here to work on their behalf. I’m marking this million-dollar milestone to show folks who are being given the run-around by a federal agency that I can help solve their problem and that they should not hesitate to contact me for help.”

Solving problems for Southwest Washington, one case at a time:

Jaime’s casework services are not limited to just the recoupment of money, and her office remains ready to assist other residents needing help with federal agencies. For example, Michaela Loveridge, a Vancouver resident, recently reached out to Jaime’s office after experiencing delays in receiving passports for her kids to travel abroad to visit her grandparents in Bulgaria. The State Department has been experiencing delayed passport renewals, and once Michaela realized the passports might not make it in time, decided to contact Jaime’s office. After reaching out to the State Department and expedited Michaela’s application, her children’s passports were delivered to her doorstep with a week to spare before her travel date.

If any Southwest Washington resident is experiencing issues with federal agencies, they can request help on Jaime’s website at JHB.house.gov or by calling her Vancouver office at (360) 695-6292.