10/25 The Dalles City Council Meeting

The Dalles City Council met last night. Councilors held a public hearing a supplemental budget, due to the city receiving more than $5.3 million in additional funding for capital projects including street repair, water and sewer projects.

Councilors also approved include a reduction in the number of workers Powderpure must employ to keep its enterprise zone tax credits, a change necessary due to the the pandemic. 

The big item, though, was approval of a Strategic Investment Program or SIP agreement with Google for two new large construction projects on property the company purchased several years ago, including the site which once housed the Fort Dalles Rodeo grounds.

Unlike the three previous Google projects, which have enjoyed tax deferment under the Enterprise Zone program, the SIP process involves a reduced tax amount going to all the affected taxing districts instead of just Wasco County and the City of The Dalles. 

Several councilors spoke in favor of the SIP agreement. Councilor Tim McGlothlin listed a number of public service contributions Google has made to the community, and others chimed in this way:

“Google has been a good neighbor…I’m confident that this agreement is mutually beneficial to the community, and to Design, LLC…It’s a win for us. In my mind it would be foolish not to take this win.”

Those were councilors Rod Runyon, Scott Randall and Dan Richardson. The vote to approve the agreement was unanimous.