paying $5,000 to have someone test out luxe bath tubs

Most people can think of nothing better than soaking in a tub, so why not make five grand as’s Bath Boss?

That’s right: the booking site is looking for a person willing to try out the luxurious tubs at a trio of fancy New York City hotels — Mr. C SeaportThe Dominick and The Langham — and is paying $5,000 for their “hard work.”

The salaried soaker will be put up for two nights in each of the hotels — and what’s more, is also paying $1,000 to cover travel costs, and gifting the lucky loofah user with bath accessories, a custom robe, slippers and an eye mask.

If you think you have what it takes to relax in some sumptuous suds from November 9-15, apply at by Friday, October 15, at 1a.m.Eastern time.

Heck, with the stress of the holidays coming up, we could all use a good soak — might as well get paid for it.