Massive drone initiative to deliver medicine, ice cream, and even sushi by drone in Israel

While the concept of drones delivering packages isn’t new, Israel is fielding a massive new initiative that will soon see hundreds of drones crisscrossing its airspace, delivering everything from donated blood to ice cream.

Ironically, it’s a pilot program for a nationwide pilot-free initiative, according to the Jerusalem Post.

While convenience is certainly a key, Israel’s The National Drone Initiative’s third phase was launched to test the feasibility of a permanent national drone network

As part of the third phase, residents in Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Herzliya, Hadera and elsewhere will see the drones buzzing overhead delivering everything from food to donated blood, platelets and plasma from one medical facility to another. 

Tens of thousands of sorties are expected in the course of the two-year program, the paper notes.

The drones, operated by various companies, will all be controlled by the Ayalon Highway Air Traffic Control Center — which, as part of this week’s test, will even control a drone delivery all the way in Brazil.