In an attempt to save himself, man attempts citizen’s arrest on judge sentencing him

It’s amazing how often bad ideas go through dumb people’s heads every single second of the day.  Sometimes, no one gets hurt but, oftentimes, we do find ourselves laughing over their misery.

Take, for example, this bloke in Wales, England, who was on trial for assault.  However, he was so desperate not to get sentenced, the man attempted a citizen’s arrest on the judge.

Wales Online reports that when 37-year-old Daniel Hughes showed up for his trial, he told the judge to respect his authority.  Obviously, the judge knew the power dynamics of the courtroom while Hughes, who then walked across the courtroom and tried scaling the judge’s desk to make the arrest, did not.

Hughes was then seized by security guards, who wrestled him away and threw him back into a jail cell.  

Apparently, the man refused to return for the trial because his feefees were hurt.  Well, that just made matters worse for him because that allowed police to regale the judge about Hughes’ arrest — and boy, was that story juicy.

Turns out an officer arrived at Hughes’ home to put a boot on his car because he failed to pay a fine and respond to correspondences about the issue.  As the officer was putting on the clamp, Hughes threatened the officer and then escalated things by grabbing the policeman by the scruff of the neck and yanking.

A verbal tit for tat ensued and, during it, Hughes tried to pry the boot off of his car before going back to assault the officer, who was attempting to put yet another clamp on a different wheel.

Sentencing for the assault is pending, but Hughes was found guilty. However, for trying to arrest the judge, Hughes was sentenced to serve 28 days.