Paging Lt. Bookman: 43-year overdue library book finally returned

A children’s book was finally returned to a Toronto library a mere 43 years after it was first checked out.

According to the Toronto Sun, the unknown lender first borrowed Nicholas Knock and Other People: Poems from the Toronto Public Library way back in 1978 before bringing it back just last month.

“While it’s not usual to hold onto a book for quite that long, we always welcome library books back,” says Michelle Leung, Communications Officer for the Toronto Public Library.

As for why this person held onto Nicholas Knock for so long — and, more interestingly, why they decided to return it — that may have to do with a newly instituted library policy concerning books for kids.

“This particular title is a children’s poetry book,” Leung says. “Earlier this year, we announced that we are eliminating kids’ overdue fines in a move to remove barriers to library access.”

We prefer to think, though, that Seinfeld‘s recent arrival to Netflix reminded our dear borrower of the classic “The Library” episode, and filled their dreams with nightmares of Lt. Bookman.