Woman calls police on barber for… *checks notes* giving her son the haircut he wanted

Some people call them helicopter moms.  Others just simply call them ‘Karen.’

Robbie Rocco, who goes by the TikTok handle @RobbietheBonehead, recorded the bizarre situation where an angry mother burst into his business and threatened to sue him because she didn’t like her son’s haircut.  The mom claims it was “too short.”

Rocco says in the video that he gave the 17-year-old the haircut that he wanted: “high and tight” cut with a number 2 clipper.

“I literally stop and go, ‘Bro, a No. 2 is real short,'” he recalled, but said the boy reassured him, sat quietly through the cut and tipped him at the end.

Twenty minutes later, enter mom.  After the woman busts into the location and says she is going to sue Boneheads BarberShop in Norton, MA, she rushes out and calls 911 — all of which is captured on Rocco’s video.

“Look at this lady wasting my day,” he said through a thick Boston accent.  His recording made the mom uncomfortable, who then begged the dispatcher, “Can you tell him to get away from my face?”

She eventually storms off in a huff.

Rocco says police did arrive, annoyed that they had to respond to the call.  They chatted with the woman for 15 minutes before asking Rocco his side of the story.

The officers then apologized for the situation, with the barber saying he shook their hands, thanked them, and watched them go.

No word about the threatened lawsuit.