Video: Hawk tries to take on a chicken. Takes on a whole angry GOAT instead

Not all heroes wear capes — but this goat deserves to have some sort of prize after mowing down a predatory hawk.

The Dodo reports that Dutch farmer Jaap Beets was going about his normal farmer business when he heard a racket erupt.  He says that a hawk decided to dive-bomb one of his precious chickens — but little did the hawk know, the chicken had backup.

According to CCTV footage, the video captures the moment the hawk strikes and wrestles around with the chicken as feathers scatter. But the struggle didn’t last long because the video shows a a rooster rushing up to the battle and throwing himself into the fray.  If that wasn’t enough, a big brown goat charges up from behind and starts to head butt the hawk until it flies away in shock — and empty-clawed.

This story of heroism has a happier ending: Beets confirmed his hen survived the attack.