Survey shows 1 in 6 remote workers would quit if they had to return to the office

While many companies shifted to a remote workforce during the pandemic, many are trying to return their employees to the office. But a new survey shows some say they’re not going. 

A new, non-scientific poll of 4,600 people that was commissioned by FlexJob shows that 17% — or one in six people — who are working from home would rather quit than return to their cubicles.

In fact, 46% said they either know someone who’s already quit, or they plan to quit themselves, if they’re ordered back to the old grind.

Of those polled who were shifted to remote work in 2020, 42% say their employer has ordered them to return, while 27% said their bosses are willing to have their employees adopt a hybrid schedule of home and office, and 17% are allowing their employees to stay home.  

With that said, 60% of those polled now say that they want a fully remote job going forward. Thirty-nine percent say they’re looking for a hybrid job, and just 3% say they’d want to be back in an office full time. 

Eighty-one percent of those working remotely say it’s improved their work-life balance. Seventy percent say it has been good for their mental health. 

Half of the respondents said working from home eliminated their commuting stress, 47% say it allows them more time for family, and 43% say working from home reduces their exposure to COVID-19 and other contagious crud.