This is why mommy and daddy need to hide their sex toys

(NOTE NATURE, CONTENT) Any parent of a young child know just how nosy their little one can be. That said, when mommy and daddy have some new sex toys to play with — they really should hide them ASAP.

British publication The Mirror reports that Kahla Maneely found that out the hard way when her five-year-old daughter stumbled upon the silicone vibrating rings meant to stimulate one’s nether regions. The child ripped open the bag of four rings, took one out and gave it to her friend at school as a gift, thinking it was a friendship bracelet.

When her little one’s bestie proudly showed off her new prize to her respective parents — embarrassment ensued.

The friend’s mom texted Maneely and asked, “Hey ____ gave this to ____ on the bus today” and sent a picture of the saucy ring.

Maneely said she has “never been that embarrassed in my whole life,” and told The Mirror, “When I saw the picture on the text it took me a second to put two and two together and my heart sank down to the pit of my stomach.”

Thankfully, the other mom saw the humor in the incident and joked, “She might have been in your stuff lol.”

The Maneelys grilled their little one, who eventually confessed to snooping around her father’s cabinet, and they gave her a five minute time out for not minding her business.  Who wants to bet that during that time out, mommy and daddy found a new spot to stash those “friendship bracelets.”