9/14 Columbia River Gorge Commission meeting

The Columbia River Gorge Commission met yesterday by Zoom. Among the major topics on the agenda was the approval by the Commission to start the rulemaking process to amend the Scenic Area land use development ordinances in Klickitat County to conform to the recent update in the Scenic Area Management Plan.

Heads up for hikers on the popular Larch Mountain Trail that starting at the end of the month, a portion of the trail will be closed for repairs. Casey Ganz of the Forest Service reported to commissioners on the details:

“A part of the Larch Mountain trail is starting to slowly slide away from Larch Mountain. What we’re doing is installing long steel rods inside the trail tread itself, connecting to the bedrock and help stabilize the trail. So starting here in a few weeks it will be open to Benson Bridge, but then during the duration of this work, that’s where the trail will be closed. The work is scheduled to start at the end of this month and will hopefully be a few weeks of work and then everything will be reopened.”