Treehouse for sale. No bedrooms or bathrooms. Only $495k!

Want to live in a glorified treehouse that’s roughly the size of a one-car garage that offers no bedrooms, bathrooms, insulation or security — for nearly $500,000? 

A Bailey, Colorado, treehouse sitting on a 50-acre lot offers “Stunning, panoramic views accompanied by total privacy [and] remoteness,” according to the Zillow listing, which was posted Wednesday.

The isolated home is most likely intended for hunters, campers or those desperate for a forest bath.  It’s also mot much more than an elevated shed.  There’s no electricity or bathroom and, as the listing notes, “this property does not have a septic system.”  The listing also stresses potential owners must have a car with 4-wheel drive, as it is located off a dirt road that can only be accessed via a “private, gated ranch land.”

But, if you’re crunchy like that and don’t view the treehouse as the backdrop of an Indie horror film, the treehouse offers panoramic views of the mountains, “seclusion, views, wildlife, privacy, prestige” and its neighbor is a national forest.

The property is being sold for $495,000.  What a bargain.