Violation DV No Contact Order

Goldendale, Washington September 05, 2021 –  At about 9:12 AM Sergeant Mike Smith responded to a report of Joey Russell being at a residence in the 800 block of South Schuster and had made threats of hurting his wife. There was a valid Domestic Violence No Contact Order in effect at the time, which prohibited Joey from being at his wife’s residence and making any contact whatsoever with his wife, who is the listed protected person. The incident occurred at the apartment complex in the 800 block of South Schuster. The suspect was positively identified as Joey Russell

The victim gave Sergeant Smith permission to go inside her residence to look for Joey. The door was found to be locked from a lock that can only be accessed from inside the residence. Law Enforcement officers from the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office including their K9 unit, and the Washington State Patrol arrived for backup and to assist Sergeant Smith.

The front door was forced open by a door ram and Sergeant Smith loudly announced multiple times “Police” and instructed Joey he was under arrest and to come out of the residence. Joey did not respond. The K9 Deputy announced multiple times for Joey to come out or the K9 would be deployed. Joey again did not respond. A search of the residence main floor, attic, and crawl space under the residence were made.

The crawl space was the last area to be searched. The K9 officer announced again multiple times for Joey to come out or the K9 would be deployed, and he would be bit. Joey again did not respond to any of the commands. The K9 was deployed, and Joey was located by the K9 in the crawl space. The K9 did bite Joey, causing injuries to Joey’s left ear, shoulder, and arm. Joey was interviewed by the K9 Deputy. Joey admitted he heard all the commands to come out before being bit by the K9. Joey said he did not respond because he did not want to go to jail.

Joey was apprehended and medics were immediately dispatched to the residence. Joey was transported to the hospital by medics for treatment. Criminal charges for Violation of the DV No Contact Order and Resisting Arrest were requested to be filed against Joey.