Survey says 8 in 10 Americans have taken steps to boost their health since the pandemic began

With it proven that obesity and related health conditions can put you at risk for worse COVID-19 outcomes, people all over the world have used the pandemic to reboot their health. 

According to a non-scientific survey of 12,000 people globally and 2,000 in the U.S., commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition, eight in ten people say they’ve taken steps to improve their lifestyle since the pandemic began. 

On our shores, 84% of Americans say they’ve taken positive steps, compared to 82% globally, but from the results it seems we have further to go than our global counterparts. 

The survey also found 56% of respondents globally can now run or exercise longer without feeling winded, and 48% have gone down a size or a belt notch.

However, just 32% of Americans said they can now exercise longer without feeling tired, and only 29% said they’ve found a smaller belt notch.

Both globally and in the U.S., the survey showed people are trying to get healthy by staying away from junk food, taking vitamins, exercising more, cooking healthier meals and, for many, downloading a fitness app.