“What if we…do a milk crate challenge for our gender reveal party?”

What happens when you throw two of the dumbest ideas into one?  You get a milk crate challenge gender reveal party.

Yes, that actually happened, and it went exactly as you’d expect.

For the uninitiated, the milk crate challenge is the newest thing, where people attempt and usually fail to walk up and over a pyramid of stacked milk crates.  If you still need an explainer for a gender reveal party, we cannot help you.

The New York Post reports that an unnamed couple shared their brilliant idea with the world in a video that shows a man holding a bowl with a yellow rag on top as he attempts to ascend the milk crates.  The audience screams and hollers as he starts to wobble and, ultimately, comes toppling down while spilling blue powder in the air.  It’s a boy!

The men in the crowd begin celebrating while the women make a face and/or politely clap. All this is going on as the father-to-be struggles to stand after the fall.

Some commentators believe the fall itself was staged — watch and judge for yourself.