Survey shows 26% would shave their heads just to experience pumpkin spice all year ’round

As the summer draws to a close, we once again return to the inevitable: pumpkin spice season. 

And for all the jabs about everything from coffee to Oreos to deodorant hitting the shelves at that time of year, it appears people really missed the stuff. In fact, a new survey shows 26% of Americans would shave their head just to experience fall flavors like pumpkin spice all year ’round. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 people from the folks at The Honey Baked Ham Company also notes that 25% would give up social media for a month so they didn’t have to give up that nutmeg-smelling stuff come spring, while 24% would ditch their cellphones for a month.

Not surprisingly, 61% called pumpkin spice an “essential” part of fall. By comparison, 63% said they liked the changing color of the leaves.

Speaking of the fall, 65% said they were eagerly anticipating “sweater weather,” 55% are looking forward to seasonal smells, and 54% said they were jonesing for cooler weather. 

That said, most people don’t have to shave their heads for that pumpkin spice kick: 43% said they chase the pumpkin dragon in their purchases year-round, and 38% say they don’t reserve peppermint-flavored stuff just for the holidays.