Input sought by Oct. 1 on Medicaid waivers for Oregonians receiving long-term services and supports

Salem, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) will be submitting two Medicaid waiver application renewal requests to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and seeks input on these applications from the public by Oct. 1, 2021. The waivers, which will be submitted by the ODHS Office of Aging and People with Disabilities through the Oregon Health Authority, serve individuals who meet Oregon’s nursing facility level of care and Medicaid eligibility criteria.

The first waiver, APD 1915(c) #0185 Aging and Physically Disabled Waiver, will enable case management services to help individuals gain access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services. It also provides community transition services to support individuals who need to transition from an acute care hospital, or licensed care setting, to an in-home setting. For individuals over the standard Medicaid income levels, monthly waivered services will also make it possible access all other Long-Term Services and Supports benefits that are funded through the Medicaid 1915(k), or Community Choice First Option. A new service will be added to the waiver to support individuals with finding and maintaining housing.

The second waiver, APD 1915(b)(4) Case Management Freedom of Choice Waiver, will make it possible for Oregon to choose to contract with Area Agencies on Aging, willing Tribes, and APD offices to perform waivered case management services. This waiver ensures that ongoing case management is coordinated with all the other services provided to eligible individuals.

In response to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP), APD plans to submit the following requests to CMS when filing the waiver renewals. For the 1915(c) Waiver, APD will eliminate the client contribution for in-home consumers. Currently, in-home consumers can keep up to $1,294 a month. Any income above that amount must be contributed toward the cost of services. For the 1915(b)(4) and 1915(c) Waivers, APD will add Housing Support Services to assist consumers who want to transition, or want to maintain living, outside of a long-term care facility setting.

In response to preparing for the end of the Public Health Emergency in place with the COVID-19 pandemic, APD plans to submit the 1915(c) waiver to request a permanent change tied to Person-Centered Service Plans. The change specifies that when a written signature is not possible, an alternative signature method may be used.

Members of the public are invited to send comments by Oct. 1, 2021, on these applications to Beth Jackson by email to; by fax to 503-947-4245; or by U.S. postal mail to Beth Jackson, Office of Aging and People with Disabilities, Oregon Department of Human Services, 500 Summer St. NE; Salem, OR 97301-1079. Printed copies of the waivers may also be requested including in other languages, large print, braille or other preferred format.