This is why you don’t let newly fired employees near a company computer

A Florida company learned the valuable lesson of escorting fired employees off the premises ASAP after an angry woman wreaked havoc on their entire computer system.

ABC affiliate WFTV reports that 41-year-old Medghyne Calonge was fired as head of human resources because she actually wasn’t qualified for the position, as in she reportedly did not meet the minimum requirements for the job.  The company also took note of Calonge’s spiteful behavior, saying she once downgraded another employee’s computer access after an argument.

When the business gave her the boot, Calonge reportedly went ballistic on a nearby computer by repeatedly hitting the delete button, according to two witnesses.  Eventually, she was escorted out of the business, but she was apparently just getting started.

Apparently, over the next two days, Calonge “rampaged” the company’s computer system by leaving profanities in the system and deleting 17,000 job applications and resumes.  In all, the company claims Calonge wiped a computer system that took two years and $100,000 to build. The business also alleges they spent an additional $100k to rebuild the system, but said the data Calonge deleted was permanently erased.

“Her actions wiped out information vitally important to the employer company, and cost the company money and time to repair,” said Audrey Strauss, a U.S. attorney. “Now Calonge awaits sentencing for her crimes.”