Man breaks up with girlfriend on baseball scoreboard

If you thought breaking up with someone through a text message was bad, try announcing on the scoreboard at a baseball game. That’s what one Ohio man did, and it only cost him five bucks. 

During the seventh inning at an Akron RubberDucks game, when the scoreboard is typically full of well-meaning shoutouts, one fan used the opportunity to break up with his partner by having this message displayed on the screen: “Alyssa, this relationship is OVER. -Tim.”

The message, which has since gone viral on Twitter, was confirmed by WYKC by RubberDucks creative services coordinator Jack Haines, who said the fan forked over $5 for it. Neither Alyssa or Tim’s identity could be confirmed. 

“Fan shoutouts are submitted without us asking for any type of ID so we don’t know who they are,” Haines said. “Maybe our fans can help us.”