Congressman Bentz Announces Afghanistan Resources

My heart goes out to the families of the service members who lost a loved one due to violence in Afghanistan. As we continue to learn more about the ongoing tragedy, I am praying for our troops, citizens, and those in harm’s way. To our veterans and their families who bravely answered the call to serve, please know that we thank you, that we stand by you, and that there is confidential support available for you during this immensely difficult time.

My office has been focused helping constituents who may have family, friends, or contacts asking for help in escaping Afghanistan. If you or someone you know is an American citizen or Afghan ally stuck in Afghanistan, please contact my office at 541-776-4646.

Additionally, below are resources for service members, veterans, military families, and anyone who is impacted by this situation. 


For information regarding the process to apply for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), please see here.


The State Department has now set up a hotline at 1-888-407-4747(domestic calls) and 1-202-501-4444 (overseas calls), as well as a Repatriation Assistance Request form online for any U.S. Citizens seeking emergency flights out of Kabul.

U.S. citizens seeking assistance to depart the country should complete this Repatriation Assistance Request for each traveler in their group. Spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan who are awaiting immigrant visas should also complete this form if they wish to depart. Please do so as soon as possible. Please do so only once. You must complete this form even if you’ve previously submitted your information to the U.S. Embassy in Kabul by another means.

This form is the only way to communicate interest in flight options. They will notify you directly by email based on your registration as soon as departure options become available.

If you are not already registered, please sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at to ensure you receive travel and health notifications from the U.S. Embassy.

Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) for Iraqi and Afghan Translators/Interpreters

If you/someone you know has an approved petition for a Special Immigrant Visa, email or call 1-603-334-0828.

P-2 Program for Afghan Nationals


Compiled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

See a comprehensive list of community resources for Veterans and their families here.