The strange journey that caused one theater to order frankfurter sausages instead of wigs

“I would like to take you on a strange journey…” to one of the weirdest order mixups to date.

Kent Online reports that a British theater staging The Rocky Horror Show has a literal sausage fest on its hands after a wig order went wrong.

Ahead of the stage musical’s opening in a few weeks, the Orchard Theatre in Dartford thought they had purchased a bunch of Dr. Frank-N-Furter wigs, with the intent of selling them to the audience.  Instead, the shipping company sent them…hot dogs. More specifically, canned frankfurters.

Apparently the company that sells wigs also sells canned food — but still, no one has figured out how and where the mistake was made.

“I opened the box and I was completely confused. We checked to make sure no one in the venue had ordered them and we couldn’t believe the mistake. We are still checking to see what happened,” said staff member Kay Hadley.

The mix up has since been dubbed Frank-N-Gate.  While the wig issue has yet to be resolved, theater workers decided to donate the cans upon cans of hot dogs — all 416 of them — to a local food bank.

The Rocky Horror Show is the 1973 stage musical that famously was turned into the cult classic 1975 movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which stars Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter as well as Susan SarandonMeat LoafRichard O’BrienPatricia Quinn and Barry Bostwick.