“A property like no other,” but buyer beware

It’s like they say: Never judge a book by its cover.

A property in Dallas, Texas, listed for $989,000 on Zillow looks like a typical McMansion on the outside, but takes an unexpected turn when you step inside.

“A property unlike any other!” reads the listing that goes on to describe the interior design as “walls, flooring, and ceiling made of concrete.”

More specifically, the photos show the interior is essentially an open warehouse space, with tiled floors, plain white walls, steel shelves and drop ceilings.

“This property can serve as the perfect storage spot for large wine collections, art collections, multiple cars, as well as serving as the ultimate safe house,” the listing continues.

The 5,786-square-foot property is “connected to two electrical grids” and features “a natural gas generator…powered by two diesel fuel tanks in the event of a natural gas failure [makes] making the chance of power loss a very rare,” according to the ad.

The listing found its way onto the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page, where puzzled users offered a number of guesses as to what the property might have been used for before hitting the market, including an AT&T call center or front house for a guy named Walter White — a nod to the AMC crime drama Breaking Bad.

“I’m not saying this was for SURE a front for a vampire blood farming operation………But I’m pretty sure this was a front for a vampire blood farming operation,” joked another person.

“It’s been years since I watched it, but this reminds me of where they worked in Breaking Bad for some reason,” observed another.