“Crazy” neighbor posts list of people not welcome, list covers entire door

(NOTE LANGUAGE) One man has come up with quite a unique way of letting people know they aren’t welcome in his home — by listing their name on a sheet of paper outside of his front door. 

In a photo shared to Twitter, but apparently since removed, the unidentified man’s door is pictured with 10 sheets of paper with names written on them, duct-taped and covering the upper half of his entryway. 

“My uncle’s crazy neighbor has a list of people who are not welcome on his front door,” user Dr. Literature_Lady wrote, before explaining how the list came to be.  

“There is a whole backstory to this,” the poster shared. “This list was in response to the latest set of restraining orders served against him. It’s his own “restraining order” to his neighbors & everyone else that annoys him. He is responding w/snark to the neighborhood banding together to stand up to him.”

Dr. Literature_Lady didn’t elaborate on what the man did other than vaguely mentioning he’s been “a complete a**hole and has made life hell for others.”