Teen reports father to police for “illegal child labor” after being forced to do household chore

A 14-year-old boy in China found himself in hot water after reporting his father to the police for “illegal child labor.”

An officer who accompanied the boy home to investigate the matter was flabbergasted to learn his father, sick of seeing his son glued to his smartphone and ignoring his homework, simply took the boy’s phone away and made him do house chores to teach him a lesson, according to the Bastille Post.

Under Chinese law, housework doesn’t constitute child labor, so the parent was in the clear.  The policeman did advise the father to discipline the teen, adding that taking his smartphone away for a while seemed like a good idea.

However, the lesson seemed to be lost on the boy, whose response reportedly was, “Do you really think I only have that mobile phone?  That’s so naive of you!”