I don’t! Marriage proposal gone wrong

Most people who dream about their wedding proposal don’t envision the person they’re asking saying “no.” Yet  that’s exactly what happened to one man who planned an elaborate proposal during a baseball game in Massachusetts. 

In a now-viral video, a couple is seen standing on what looks like the players’ dugout before the man gets down on one knee. As the crowd cheers them on, the woman looks in shock, begins to shake her head no and runs away up the stadium stairs. In a YouTube clip, she even appears to be heard saying “I’m so sorry” as the man takes off after her. 

The video has gained over 100,000 views on Instagram alone since being posted and has sparked debates over whether it was real or staged. One thing that most seem to agree on, though, is that it was more than a little awkward.

Commenting on the Instagram post, one user wrote, “I got second hand embarrassment from this.”