Don’t drink and…drone?

If you’re too drunk to drive, chances are you’re too drunk to drone, too.  Yes, you heard correctly: a man who downed roughly eight cans of beer in five hours found that out the hard way.

Sora News reports that a 56-year-old man from Tokyo, Japan, was cleaning his house last month and, apparently, needed a large amount of alcohol to muscle through the task. During his cleaning adventures, he unearthed a drone he bought several years ago and, in his drunken haze, decided to abandon his chores to take the newly rediscovered toy for a spin.

The merriment was short lived, however, as the man accidentally sent the 1.2-pound drone straight through his neighbor’s window. 

The man was charged with drinking and droning, an actual crime in Japan based on a law that was passed last year.  In fact, the man is the first person in his precinct to face such charges.  His punishment remains unknown.