Can you keep a secret? New survey shows average adult has two deep secrets they hide from everyone

Can you keep a secret? You probably already are, according to a new survey.

A U.K. poll of 2,000 British adults revealed the average person withholds two things from everyone they know. The most common things they hold close to their chests deal with their own mental health. However, others include gross hygiene habits, and even matters that could get them in trouble with the law. 

The non-scientific survey sponsored by Sky HISTORY revealed that the second-most-kept secret has to do with an embarrassing or “cringeworthy” anecdote about themselves. 

Your internet history ranks third, followed by your eating habits, and with personal hygiene rounding out the top five.

According to the poll, 20% of respondents wouldn’t tell such secrets to their mother, and 18% wouldn’t confide in their close friends. 

Whatever the secret may be, 16% say they hide it from their partners — not surprising, as “an affair” ranked in the top 10 — with 14% admitting they dread their better half finding out about whatever it is they’re hiding. One in five adults, or 18%, said they do so to “avoid relationship issues.” 

Thirteen percent say they’d even keep a big lottery win a secret to a loved one.